What Does a Computer Repair Technician Do?

A computer repair technician, also known as a PC repair technician, is an expert in installing, evaluating, detecting, and fixing different types of problems affecting computer systems, servers, or networks. They diagnose faulty hardware or software and perform repairs to computers and other peripherals. They also provide support for software or hardware issues. Computer repair technicians are responsible for configuring and building new hardware, as well as installing and updating software packages.

They need to stay up to date on the constantly evolving technology in order to analyze certain jobs and solve problems. To be successful in this role, they must be researchers, introspective, curious, logical, rational, and methodical. Computer technicians provide assistance to computer users in a variety of environments such as businesses, government offices, non-profit organizations, and third-party IT support companies. Many network administrators and programmers begin their careers as computer support specialists.

To become a computer repair technician, it usually requires a solid experience with computer hardware and peripherals and a thorough knowledge of different software and operating systems. A two-year or four-year college degree may be required depending on the job. Some computer repair technicians obtain specialized certificates from vocational or technical schools or from computer and software vendors that demonstrate their competence to work with particular hardware or software. Technicians who make calls on site or who are part of a company's IT department may have to lean, bend, or get up a little while troubleshooting problems, performing on-site repairs, or transporting a machine for repair or storage elsewhere.

If you plan to start your own computer repair business or work for a small computer repair company, you may not need a degree as long as you have the expert knowledge that the job requires.In conclusion, computer repair technicians working in the manufacturing industry earn a salary 70.6% higher than those in the retail industry. When you're ready to become a computer repair technician, you may be wondering which companies hire them. One of the most common tasks performed by these professionals after software updates and screen repairs is data recovery.