Is it cheaper to repair or replace a refrigerator?

Usually, most refrigerator repairs cost less than buying a new one. The general rule is that if the cost of repairs is more than half the cost of buying a new refrigerator, it is better to replace it. If you're still unsure whether you should replace or repair your refrigerator, a good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that the longer you have your refrigerator, the higher the potential repair cost. The configuration and age of the refrigerator are also factors that determine whether you should repair it, consider a repair, or buy a new one.

However, if you're still having trouble after defrosting, you can call an appliance repair technician or consider buying a new refrigerator. Top-freezer refrigerators should be repaired within three years, considered for repair within three to six years, and replaced if they are older than seven years. Repairing a refrigerator is worthwhile if the repair costs less than installing a new refrigerator and if it is less than eight years old.